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Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

This month, The Art of the Business focuses on how blogging can help market your work as an artist. I interview Shane Birley and Susannah Gardener, authours of Blogging for Dummies, The Second Edition. Please note, there is no introduction to this podcast, we simply get right into it. And it ends--well, you'll see. Here is a list of URLs that we refer to throughout the interview: Left Right Minds Blogging for Dummies Blog Hop Studios Buzz Marketing with Blogs Pug-A-Day WordPress Blogger Flickr Poll Daddy ETSY Boing BoingGoogle Reader Google Ad Sense -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to Shane Birley and Susanah Gardner. Blogging for Dummes, the Second Edition, is available widely in bookstores, and I highly recommend it as an informative, but easy read. Special Thanks also to Dave "the sound guy" Rankin.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

This month's The Art of the Business deals not so much with marketing tips and tricks, as some basic ideas for managing your cash flow as an artist. Please note, that, because I live in Canada, the information about taxes is specific to us. URLs referenced in this podcast: Canada Revenue Agency Simply Accounting Quickbooks Union of BC Performers (has info on business expenses related to actors) CARFAC (info on business expenses related to Visual Artists) The Prosperous Artist Enjoy!!

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